"I found the best acupuncturist. I was 38 ½ weeks pregnant with severe sciatic pain. When I got to Dr. Bailey's office I could barely walk. After one treatment I got off the table and felt so good that I went straight to my obstetrician's office to tell her. She was absolutely amazed."


"Of all the treatments I do during IVF, acupuncture is the one I look forward to the most, I just love it!"


"After taking the food sensitivity test and avoiding the reactive foods I felt so good! It was life changing!"


"I wanted to say thank you and let you know that the acupuncture treatment you did on my heel for plantar fasciitis not only helped me finish my ½ marathon, but I have been pain free since my last treatment. Before acupuncture I had daily heel pain for weeks, to the point I was afraid to train. I was really worried this would be a chronic condition and I would need to give up running. Thank you so much for all your help"


"I'm definitely sleeping better. Yesterday I woke up at 7 am and couldn't believe I had slept through the night. I haven't slept this good in years!"


"I am sold on acupuncture. I recently found out that I had cancer. After surgery I was facing chemotherapy and my Doctor me told I would lose my hair, get neuropathy, and be very ill from the side effects. I came to Dr. Bailey for acupuncture after the chemo and the results have been amazing! I still have my hair, no neuropathy, blood count's great and my oncologist is thrilled with my progress. Acupuncture is a must if you are having chemo treatments!"


"I can go to Burke Williams and get a massage and sauna and I still don't feel as good as when I come here for acupuncture."


"I find the needles alleviate the pain so that the muscles relax and then the body just seems to self correct."


"Oh my gosh, my allergies are so much better since I've been coming to you for acupuncture. I used to get frequent asthma attacks and I was living off my inhaler. Last year at this time I was constantly sick, now I barely use my inhaler and my health is night and day. I just can't believe it."


"Of all my doctors, you are one of the best finds in the South Bay."


"Acupuncture has saved my life! I used to have low back pain and acupuncture has helped me regain my quality of life."

M. Bonn